A conversation between James Barrow and Matthew Price about technology, development, and any other related topics of interest.


5: Google I/O 2015

What’s in store for Apple’s newly-promoted Chief Design Officer? Plus, an in-depth look at everything you need to know about Google I/O 2015.

4: Swift

James and Matt offer some follow-up on the Apple Watch and then dive into a discussion about Swift.

3: The New MacBook

James and Matt discuss the new MacBook and what they think will happen to the MacBook Air.

2: Apple Watch

James and Matt discuss Apple Watch try-on sessions, user experience, development, and predictions about future generations. They also include some quick speculation about what’s in store for the Apple TV.

1: Public Beta

On the first episode of Refactor, James and Matt discuss what’s in store for the podcast, their first computers, and how they got started with software development.